Alberta Real-World Evidence Consortium

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Evidence that captures the observed impact of a process or technology on health outcomes and resource utilization outside of controlled clinical trials (real-world evidence or RWE) is highly valuable to technology developers, manufacturers, regulators, payers, clinicians, and patients. It can be used to capture outcomes achieved and/or return on investment following the introduction of a technology, for monitoring effectiveness and safety as well as for tracking technology uptake and implementation. It has potential to drive evidence-based clinical and policy decision-making, to improve the efficiency of Alberta’s health care system and the return on the province’s investment in healthcare dollars, and to improve health and economic outcomes.

Alberta has one of the largest, most mature, detailed, and comprehensive health system data depositories in Canada. As such, Alberta is poised to become a global leader in RWE generation. To realize this potential, the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, along with the IHE, have led the formation of the Alberta Real World Evidence (RWE) Consortium. Consortium membership also includes Alberta Innovates, Alberta Health, Alberta Economic Development and Trade, and Alberta Health Services.

The Alberta Real World Evidence (RWE) Consortium is your first point of contact for RWE projects in Alberta. The Consortium engages key provincial stakeholders involved in RWE generation and utilization to advance provincial capabilities, ensure high-quality projects are managed to timelines and budget, and (where capacity is limited) help focus projects and provincial resources on joint priorities between sponsors and the province.

Mandate of the Consortium:

  • Support the establishment of Alberta’s position as a global leader in RWE generation and make Alberta the preferred jurisdiction of RWE investment and partnership for life sciences organizations.
  • Facilitate a provincial approach to RWE service delivery that optimizes Alberta assets and competencies to produce the highest quality RWE products.
  • Ensure the alignment of RWE activities with provincial priorities.

Key functions of the Consortium:

  1. Optimization of Alberta’s RWE studies.
  2. Strengthening Alberta’s RWE ecosystem.
  3. Providing world-class project support services, including study design, execution, and knowledge sharing.
  4. Identifying and supporting projects that align with provincial health and policy priorities, ensuring relevance to decision-makers in Alberta.
  5. Convening the best pan-provincial teams for commissioned, large-scale projects that may also have implementation components.

Consortium Membership

The Consortium is co-chaired by the Associate Vice President, Research of the University of Calgary, the Associate Dean, Clinical & Translational Research of the University of Alberta, and the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the IHE. Additional organizations that are members of the Consortium include the Government of Alberta (the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade), Alberta Health Services, and Alberta Innovates.

The IHE is the Secretariat for the Consortium, and first point of contact for industry and other sponsors interested in discussing a potential RWE project in the province. For more information about the Alberta RWE Consortium, please email us at [email protected].

Consortium Co-Chairs

 Institute of Health Economics University of Alberta University of Calgary


For more information about the Alberta RWE Consortium, please visit or email [email protected].

Alberta Real World Evidence Consortium