Industry Innovation Partnerships

Secondary Use Data Access (SUDA) Initiative

The goal of the Alberta Secondary Use Data Access (SUDA) initiative is to accelerate health research, support innovation, and strengthen the health system through insights from analysis of health data. The IHE is serving as a partner to the Government of Alberta (GOA) to strengthen analytic capacity and foster collaboration between the GOA, industry, and other contributors.

The SUDA initiative will not provide industry with access to any identifiable health data; rather, it will enable insights from analytic outputs and summary statistics that inform research questions. All data access is in a manner consistent with Alberta Health employees and in accordance with existing legislation and Alberta Health information management and security policies.

Six concept projects have been selected by the SUDA Concept Project Steering Committee, and are intended to be completed by late 2019. Upon completion of the SUDA concept projects, an evaluation will be conducted to determine the value of continuing the initiative beyond the pilot stage. Organizations (Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] or life sciences multinational enterprises [MNEs]) interested in participating in any future SUDA initiatives are encouraged to contact us at [email protected].