Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment and Evidence Reviews

Health system decision-makers are frequently confronted with decisions about introducing innovative drugs, medical devices, surgical procedures, and processes of care, as well as optimizing the current delivery of care. These technologies and processes are complex, and assessing their value to the health system requires scientific evidence about the effectiveness and safety, cost-effectiveness, and system-level implications of their use. This evidence can be synthesized through the process of health technology assessment (HTA).

The IHE HTA unit conducts a range of knowledge synthesis activities, such as systematic literature reviews and interviews with key health system stakeholders, to support evidence-informed decision-making at various levels in the health system provincially and nationally.

Members of our HTA unit also conduct research to advance methods in HTA and evidence review. Some of our core strengths are in systematic review methodology (including overviews of systematic reviews), rapid evidence reviews and environmental scanning, and clinical guideline adaptation. The IHE HTA unit's innovations in the area of best practice and methodological development have contributed positively to the field of HTA.

The IHE is a member of and host agency/secretariat for Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi;, and the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA;

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