Creating Value Through Collaboration

globeThe Institute of Health Economics (IHE) is an independent, not-for-profit organization with key competencies in health economics, health technology assessment, and knowledge transfer/exchange. Our mission is to consistently provide relevant, timely and impactful evidence that supports informed health system policy and investment decisions by public and private partners.

The Institute has broad linkages within academic, private, and public sectors on provincial, national, and international levels. This allows broad access to expertise, which amplifies the contribution of the organization via network retrieval and dissemination of evidence and information.

The IHE serves as:

  • the secretariat for the Network of Alberta Health Economists (NOAHE; www.NOAHE.ca)
  • a member of and host agency/secretariat for the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA; www.INAHTA.org);
  • a member of and former host agency/secretariat for Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi; www.HTAi.org);
  • a technical member of the World Health Organization's Health Evidence Network (WHO HEN); and
  • a member of the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) Health Technology Analysis Exchange and Pan-Canadian HTA Collaborative.

IHE 2021-24 Strategic Plan -  IHE Strategic plan 2021-2024 posting2.pdf


Vision, Mission, Values


The IHE is widely recognized as a leader in supporting decision-makers and industry innovators to get the most value from the health system and to wisely prepare for the future.    


The IHE consistently provides relevant, timely and impactful evidence that supports informed health system policy and investment decisions.


  • Trust
  • Independence
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Respect

The IHE is:

  • Focused on reducing uncertainty and managing risk for the investors in, and providers of, health products, programs and services and establishing leadership position in key areas of competency.
  • An applied research institute focused on supporting public and private sector decision-makers’ needs with a strong history of collaboration with government, health delivery organizations, academia and industry.
  • University-affiliated, but not university-based, and not a private sector consultancy; allowing us to operate as a nimble platform which combines the best aspects of both: independence and academic rigour alongside responsiveness and the delivery of bespoke products and programs.
  • An international research organization based in the province of Alberta. Strong national and international collaborations provide links to leading experts and is an asset to be leveraging for both public sector and private sector partners. 
  • A non-profit society, with the ability to receive external grant and partnership funds from public and private sector funders which can be collectively leveraged in support of provincial and pan-Canadian priorities.

For both public and private sector we provide:

  • Economic Modelling and Evaluation
  • Value for Money and Cost Analyses
  • Evidence Assessment, Development and Implementation Guidance
  • Policy Engagement and Knowledge Mobilization

Foundational Platforms:

  • Talent and Capacity Building
  • Thought leadership in methods/approaches for health economics & evidence synthesis