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IHE congratulates University of Calgary Mazankowski Award winners!

The IHE is delighted to congratulate Kolawole Adedapo, Eashita Dabas, Anuj Sharma, and Melanie Varkey, recipients of the 2019 IHE Mazankowski Bursary Award.

University of Calgary 2019 Mazankowski winners

In this photo (from left): Dr. Mingshan Lu (University of Calgary), Dr. Christopher McCabe (IHE), Eashita Dabas (Award Winner), Kolawole Adedapo (Award Winner), Melanie Varkey (Award Winner), Dr. Jeff Round (IHE). Missing (inset): Anuj Sharma (Award Winner)

The IHE is delighted to congratulate Kolawole Adedapo, Eashita Dabas, Anuj Sharma, and Melanie Varkey of the University of Calgary as recipients of the 2019 IHE Mazankowski Bursary Award. The IHE Mazankowski Bursary Award was established to recognize outstanding students enrolled in graduate-level Health Economics and Public Health courses who have achieved positive academic records.

Kolawole Adedapo is a Nigeria-born Canadian with a B.Agric (Hons) in Rural Sociology (OAU, Nigeria), a MSc Agric. Economics (UI, Nigeria), and a BA and MA Economics (University of Calgary). He has experience in research, as well as teaching at the undergraduate level. Arriving in Canada a few years ago, he was fascinated by the healthcare delivery system here compared to where he came from, and decided to learn how the system operates. Hence his research interest is in determining the efficiency of health care and the healthcare delivery system in Canada and seeing what lessons the third world countries can learn from this. Also, he does research involving cost-effectiveness analysis of various cancer treatment procedures in North America.

Eashita Dabas received a double Masters in Economics from the Universities of Winnipeg and Calgary. Her primary research interests are in health and development economics, followed by political economy and behavioural economics. She intends to explore these fields further by eventually pursuing a doctoral degree, but, for the time being, will be working in research projects associated with these fields.

Anuj Sharma is a master’s student in economics at the Department of Economics, University of Calgary. In addition to that, he is a seasoned data analytics professional with almost five years of experience delivering statistical programming solutions that drive business value. His professional career spans across pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and financial services industries, with an educational background in business administration and economics. He has research interests in pharmaceutical markets and health economics. In particular, he wants to analyze various healthcare costs associated with patient isolation. Furthermore, he is interested in using real-world evidence for post-market outcomes research in the pharmaceuticals sphere, with an aim to study various endpoints such as safety, efficacy, and utility.

Melanie Varkey is a master’s student on her way to finishing her degree in Economics by August 2019. Prior to this, she received two undergraduate degrees with Honors, in Economics and Health Sciences with a concentration in Political Science, at the University of Calgary. Her research activities have included projects on improving maternal and child health in Tanzania, developing a survey for assessing the economic impact of pediatric gastroenteritis on patients and their families, and conducting an economic evaluation of a diabetes intervention to improve transitional care in young adults. Her research interests include topics on development, behavioural, and health economics.

Congratulations again to each of the recipients!

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