Research Partnerships

The IHE is frequently requested to be a partner on academic grant applications and policy initiatives with other organizations. In particular we are often the economic analysis partner or knowledge transfer partner for other organizations. Recent grant proposals, on which we are partners, include:

  • Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the Impact of a Choosing Wisely List of Tests and Interventions for Emergency Departments in Alberta. AIHS PRIHS Grant Competition. Collaborator. Funded.
  • Developing and Assessing the Effectiveness of a Post-Discharge Pathway to Reduce Emergency Department Revisits and Hospital Readmission Rates for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. AIHS PRIHS Grant competition. Collaborator. Funded.
  • Prediction and understanding of resilience in Albertan families. AIHS CRIO Competition. Collaborator. Funded.
  • Enhancing Patients’ Recovery After Surgery (ERAS): Strategy to Transform Care and Maximize the Expected Value. AIHS PRIHS Competition. Collaborator. Funded.
  • The Alberta Provincial Pediatric Enteric Infection Team (APPETITE) Grant. AIHS CRIO Competition. Collaborator. Funded.
  • Metabolomic devices for companion diagnostics and personalized medicine. AIHS CRIO Competition. Collaborator. Funded.
  • Transformational Research in adolescent mental health (TRAM-ACCESS). CIHR. Co-Investigator. Funded.
  • Prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) by the use of technology. AIHS PRIHS Competition. Co-Principal Investigator. Funded.