Trial Economic Evaluation of SME Technology

IHE can serve as an economic partner in the trial of new technology in order to prepare the economic component of the evidence package required for procurement. 

In addition to clinical data to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of a technology, life sciences small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) require health economic data and analysis to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of that technology for health systems, creating a comprehensive picture of how the technology is good value for money. Without this key component in an evidentiary package (i.e., documentation that must be submitted to healthcare organizations during the procurement process), it is a challenge for SMEs to successfully commercialize their products.

The IHE provides services to support life sciences SMEs in robustly documenting the economic value of their healthcare technology from trial usage. Often this work is completed in partnership with clinical investigators to prepare complete (clinical and economic) evidentiary/procurement packages that will support companies in obtaining reimbursement in global markets.

Overview of Alberta’s Health Innovation Ecosystem

Below is a high-level description of Alberta’s health innovation ecosystem and where the IHE is located, as the economic partner, in the development of evidentiary packages for the procurement process.

For more information about IHE service offerings to support life sciences SMEs please contact us at [email protected].