Health Economics Support for SMEs (Alberta Innovates HIPP)

The Institute of Health Economics has been chosen as one of the Health Innovation Platform Partnerships (HIPP) funded by Alberta Innovates. This platform provides SMEs identified by Alberta Innovates and aligned with the Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) funding streams with economic analysis to support with decisions and evidence requirements along the commercialization journey.

The program was announced on January 31, 2022 and ongoing details will be posted on this page.

Link: Announcement of program

Background: Health economics provides critical value at various points across the Health Innovation Cycle. For early innovators, economic analysis can support with an understanding of the commercial potential of technology, considering the headroom available for innovation, and the likely ability for technology to provide sufficient value to be attractive to payers. This can inform decisions within the R&D program, for example go/no go, patient cohorts or aspects of the value proposition of focus, place of technology in care pathways, and the most appropriate end users. It also provides substantial value to SMEs when raising capital, and to the ecosystem in understanding priorities for differential support. This service is aligned with the objectives of the AICE-Concept and AICE-Validate programs.

More mature SMEs have a need to generate economic evidence that their technology is cost-effective and a good use of health system resources. This is required by health systems in order to consider technology trial or procurement. This service is aligned with the objectives of the AICE--Market Access program.


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