Health Technology Innovation Platform

Health Technology Innovation Platform

The IHE has a dedicated Health Technology Innovation Platform (HTIP) within the Institute that collaborates with and provides support for both small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multi-national enterprises (MNEs) in the life sciences. The HTIP has a mission to enhance decision-making efficiency and improve value for money for purchasers of health technology, and to strengthen the ability of technology developers to engage in constructive policy dialogue, demonstrate the value of their technology, and improve their return on investment.

Why the IHE:

  1. We are a trusted not-for-profit research organization dedicated to supporting evidence-based decision making, in all sectors.
  2. As a neutral convener, we can bring stakeholders from government, academia, and industry to the table.
  3. We have an expansive network of international and domestic expertise.
  4. We have a deep understanding of payers and other health sector decision makers.

Health economics evidence is not only a good business decision – it's expected:

  1. Assess the commercial potential. Improve return on investment: Assess early-stage technology and present innovators and investors with insights into commercial potential, given the anticipated economic evidentiary requirements and hurdles that will need to be met and overcome to market a technology that is attractive to payers.
  2. Demonstrate the value of new innovations: Assess and document the economic value of a technology, using data captured during clinical trials, to support SMEs in preparing complete (clinical and economic) evidentiary packages for the procurement process.

The HTIP is a self-contained entity within the Institute, with dedicated professional and research staff and infrastructure. It has robust firewalls between it and publicly funded programs, and a clear Conflict of Interest policy and management process. It remains under the ultimate authority of the IHE Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer.