COVID-19 transmission from and infection of children

This Rapid Review assesses the evidence on the rate of COVID-19 transmission from children to children or adults compared with the rate of transmission from adults to others, and the rate of COVID-19 infection in children compared with the rate in adults, to support return-to-school decision making. Twenty-two articles were included in the review. Based on a rapid assessment of these studies, there is insufficient evidence upon which to quantify the rate of transmission of COVID-19 from children, or to confirm a lower susceptibility to COVID-19 in children. However, there is a substantial amount of indirect evidence that suggests children are no more likely to be transmitters of COVID-19 than adults. There is a high degree of uncertainty in the existing evidence and the findings of this report should be interpreted cautiously, and contextualized for decision-making.

Publication Type: Rapid Reviews

Year of Publication: 2020

Topics: COVID-19

Authors: Lindsey Warkentin, Erica Wright, Bing Guo, Ken Bond

ISBN (online): 978-1-989429-00-6