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A Method for Generating Synthetic Longitudinal Health Data

Getting access to administrative health data for research purposes is a difficult and time-consuming process due to increasingly demanding privacy regulations. An alternative method for sharing administrative health data would be to share synthetic datasets where the records do not correspond to real individuals, but the patterns and relationships seen in the data are reproduced. This paper assesses the feasibility of generating synthetic administrative health data using a recurrent deep learning model. Our data comes from 120,000 individuals from Alberta Health’s administrative health database. Authors assess how similar our synthetic data is to the real data using utility assessments that assess the structure and general patterns in the data as well as by recreating a specific analysis in the real data commonly applied to this type of administrative health data. They also assessed the privacy risks associated with the use of this synthetic dataset. Results show that the synthetic data developed is suitably similar to the real data and could be shared for research purposes thereby alleviating concerns associated with the sharing of real data in some circumstances.

Publication Type: Journal Articles

Year of Publication: 2023

Topics: Digital Health, Health Data

Authors: Lucy Mosquera, Khaled El Emam, Lei Ding, Vishal Sharma, Xue Hua Zhang, Samer El Kababji, Chris Carvalho, Brian Hamilton, Dan Palfrey, Linglong Kong, Bei Jiang, Dean Eurich

Journal Title: BMC Medical Research Methodology