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Opportunities exist to improve competitiveness of Stem Cell sector in Canada

New report highlights importance of Stem Cell sector in Canada and opportunities for future competitiveness and contributions to economic recovery

The Institute for Health Economics (IHE) has published a report which provides an overview of the current state and future prospects for stem cell/regenerative medicine in Canada. Specifically, it assesses the strengths, potential areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth to ensure the future competitiveness of the stem cell research and regenerative medicine sector in Canada.  As noted in the report, “If Canada were to capture only 5% of the projected US$77 billion market, this could represent over CAN$5 billion in potential growth, which in turn translates to more than an additional 6,000 jobs.” The report was supported through funding from the Stem Cell Network. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the official policy of the Stem Cell Network of Canada.


The full report is available at: link: https://www.ihe.ca/publications/stem-cell-regenerative-medicine-in-canada-current-state-and-future-prospects

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