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IHE supports Prairie provinces in development of clinical practice guidelines for immune globulin use

The Institute of Health Economics and an interprovincial medical expert committee have produced the second edition clinical practice guidelines as part of the Prairie Collaborative Immune Globulin (IG) Utilization Management Framework project. The project was initiated to establish criteria for Immune Globulin therapy as a means to increase accountability for the quality, safety, and sustainability of the blood supply system, and to demonstrate stewardship for the use of public funds. This project is a trilateral arrangement between the Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan ministries of health, involved multidisciplinary committees comprising specialists from the three provinces, and was supported by a research team from the Guideline Adaptation and Development Program at the Institute of Health Economics (IHE).

Check out guideline and supporting material at the following link: https://www.ihe.ca/research-programs/hta/aagap/immune-globulin-guideline


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