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IHE receives grant from Western Economic Diversification to support Life Sciences SME’s

The IHE is pleased to receive support from Western Economic Diversification to help Life Sciences companies with promising market-ready innovations to make a stronger economic case for market access.

The Institute of Health Economics (IHE) is receiving $953,250 in WD funding over three years to support approximately 30 western Canadian health companies with customized economic analysis that will help to determine the value of their products and technologies. IHE will help companies develop and commercialize innovative products faster by enabling their testing in clinical settings and providing relevant product analysis. Up to approximately 20 products are expected to be developed for market through this initiative.

“Health systems are becoming increasingly more rigorous in terms of the economic evidence they expect to see from companies before deciding to pay for their innovations. The IHE is very pleased that Western Economic Diversification has provided support to allow us to help life science companies with promising, market-ready technologies to develop a stronger adoption case in support of market access. This support builds on investments from the province of Alberta and it is great that all levels of government are working together to support the health industry to be as competitive as possible.” - Dr. Christopher McCabe, Executive Director and CEO, Institute of Health Economics

Federal government news release: LINK

Program link: https://www.ihe.ca/research-programs/innovation/sme-market/life-sciences-sme-market-access-program

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