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IHE joins Global Partners in Announcing 2022 UNIVANTS Awards

The IHE is pleased to have collaborated with global health industry leaders in the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence awards in laboratory medicine and to share in announcement of the 2022 award winners.

The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Program announces 11 teams from around the world for achieving measurably better healthcare performance www.UnivantsHCE.com.  Foundational principles across all winning teams include “UNIFYING” across the care continuum for the development and implementation of “AVANT-GARDE” processes to enable measurable differences to clinical care.  The 2022 submissions included hospitals, commercial laboratories, reference laboratories, and clinics.  Applications included best practices across key areas of unmet needs with representation from every region of the world, spanning both emerging and established markets.  Following comprehensive judge review, the outcomes revealed 4 top winners, 3 teams of distinction, and 5 teams of achievement.  The eight founding program partners include the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry), EHMA (European Health Management Association), Modern Healthcare, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), and the Institute of Health Economics (IHE); each in partnership with Abbott.

“The IHE is pleased to have been an inaugural partner in this initiative where innovative best practice examples from around the world are assessed and honored through the UNIVANTS of Health Care Excellence awards. It was very encouraging to be able to observe, and learn from, the truly impressive body of work that is being conceived, led and implemented by international frontline teams to improve patient, health system, and societal outcomes.” - Dr. Kate Harback, CEO of the Institute of Health Economics

More details about the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program or the care teams that were recognized for their 2022 best practices can be found on the program website at www.UnivantsHCE.com. It is with great honor that we congratulate all participating teams who have taken insights from clinical and laboratory medicine to achieve measurably better outcomes for patients, payors, clinicians and health systems. 

List of award reciptients:


  1. Program ROSE (Removing Obstacles to cervical ScrEening) - Empowering Women to Eliminate Cervical Cancer -  ROSE Foundation
  2. The “Bubble”: Safe and Informed Population Health Management Based on Strategic, Novel Laboratory Testing to Restart a Global Sports League, Stimulate the Economy and Foster Normalcy During the COVID-19 Pandemic -  National Basketball Association
  3. Improving the Peri-Operative Pathway of People with Diabetes Undergoing Elective Surgery: the IP3D Project - Ipswich Hospital, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


  1. Early Diagnosis of Maternal Cytomegalovirus for Improved Management and Reduced Risk of Fetal Transmission and Complications  - National Reference Center for Herpesvirus, University Hospital Center
  2. Enhanced Resource Utilization, Reduced Waste, and Expedited Transplantation Through Real-Time Donor Screening for Infectious Disease -  Mid America Transplant, St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Getting to Zero Harm in Controlled Substance Prescribing: Increasing the Accuracy of Prescription Compliance Monitoring Through Enhanced Drug Testing Support  - University Hospitals Cleveland


  1. Enhancing Resource Utilization and Improving Patient Experience Through Strategic Laboratory Stewardship — Ain-Shams University - Emergency Hospital
  2. Enhanced Staff Satisfaction and Resource Utilization During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Associação Fundo de Incentivo a Pesquisa - AFIP
  3. Improving Emergency Department Flow and Decreasing Risk Through Development and Implementation of Molecular Diagnostics Guided Triage — Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka
  4. Improved and Accelerated Diagnostic Pathway for Patients That Present to the Emergency Department with Suspected Mild Traumatic Brain Injury — Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves
  5. A Noninvasive Serologic Model Using an Intelligent Informatic Solution to Enhance Clinical Decision-Making and Improve Patient Safety — The Second Norman Bethune Hospital of Jilin University

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