News Release: The Institute of Health Economics is supporting Choosing Wisely®

Improving quality of care and satisfaction for patients, while ensuring that health care resources are used appropriately and efficiently, is essential for meeting the high standards Albertans have come to demand and expect from their health care system.

Dr. Egon Jonsson, Executive Director and CEO of the Institute of Health Economics (IHE), was invited by the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) to join the Choosing Wisely® Alberta Steering Committee. The Choosing Wisely® Alberta (CWA) initiative is devoted to helping physicians and patients make smarter, more effective choices about the use of tests, treatments, and procedures by promoting dialogue between physicians and patients. CWA is part of a larger Canadian movement (Choosing Wisely® Canada), modelled after the Choosing Wisely® campaign in the United States.

The Institute of Health Economics (IHE) recognized the value of this movement and, in 2013, hosted the IHE Innovation Forum X - Choosing Wisely® in Health Care: A Canadian Perspective. For more information about the Innovation Forum, please see

CWA has chosen five priority topics for Alberta: Low Back Pain, Minor Head Trauma, Blood Transfusions, Vitamin D, and Uncomplicated Headaches. Low Back Pain was selected as the first initiative for CWA, as it is one of the most common reasons that people visit their doctors.

The IHE, through the Alberta Ambassador Guideline Adaptation Program, has worked closely with Toward Optimized Practice since 2007, when development of the low back pain guideline commenced. In 2009, the Guideline for the Evidence-Informed Primary Care Management of Low Back Pain was released. Realizing the commitment of Albertan clinicians to quality improvement in spinal imaging, the IHE also hosted a workshop in 2010 to promote the optimal use of imaging for low back pain. For more information about the Ambassador Program, please see A summary of the Diagnostic Imaging Workshop is available at:

“The IHE commends the Alberta Medical Association for its leadership in this campaign and implementation, and we look forward to supporting the AMA and the Choosing Wisely® Alberta campaign in their efforts to improve the quality of care for patients,” says Dr. Egon Jonsson.

For more information about Choosing Wisely® Alberta or Choosing Wisely® Canada, please see and


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