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Women’s Health USA

Creator: US Department of Health and Human Services

Geography: North America, United States

Categories: Women’s Health

Tags: aboriginal health, alcohol, alzheimer's disease, arthritis, blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cause of death, chronic diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), deaths/mortality, demographics/population trends, dental health, diabetes, education, ethnicity, health behaviours, health care access, health care costs, health care utilization, health expenditures, health indicators, health inequalities, health insurance, health status, hypertension, injuries, life expectancy, mental health, morbidity, nutrition, obesity, oral health, organ donation, physical activity, pregnancy, prescription drugs, preventive care, quality of care, reproductive health, respiratory diseases, sexual health, sexual orientation, smoking, sti/hiv/aids, stroke, substance use, violence/abuse, women

Date: 2002-



The Health Resources and Services Administration’s annual report on the trends in the health status and service needs of women in the United States. A compilation of secondary data on some of the most pressing health challenges facing women, their families, and their communities. Major headings include population characteristics, health status, and health services utilization.

Current and past volumes all provide access to graphs, a PDF of the publication, and raw data in the form of CSV files for users to download.

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