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Vital Statistics – Northwest Territories

Creator: Northwest Territories Bureau of Statistics

Geography: North America, Canada, Northwest Territories

Categories: Population Data

Tags: aboriginal health, adults, alcohol, arthritis, asthma, births, blood pressure, breastfeeding, children, deaths/mortality, demographics/population trends, diabetes, disabilities, employment, ethnicity, hearing impairment, hypertension, income, learning disabilities, mobility disabilities, mood disorders, nutrition, pain, physical activity, smoking, substance use, tobacco use, violence/abuse, vision impairment



This website contains births and deaths for the Northwest Territories “for viewing and for downloading in Excel worksheets.”

Links on the left lead to other statistics including information on the economy, education general health indicators, (mental health, chronic conditions, health conditions), lifestyle behaviour (body mass index, maternal experiences, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, physical activity, and the addictions survey results), disability and activity limitations, housing, justice, labour and income, language, population estimates and projections, prices and expenditures, and traditional activities.