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World Life Expectancy

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Categories: Multiple Indicators, Population Data

Tags: accidents, alcohol, alzheimer's disease, asthma, births, birthweight, blood pressure, breast cancer, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cause of death, congenital anomalies, deaths/mortality, demographics/population trends, diabetes, ethnicity, fertility, hepatitis, hypertension, infant mortality, influenza, injuries, life expectancy, low birthweight, malaria, multiple sclerosis (MS), nutrition, obesity, pneumonia, poisoning, sti/hiv/aids, stroke, substance use, suicide, violence/abuse



Interesting and fun site that allows one to easily view country ranking for many factors (e.g., causes of death, health profiles, birth weight). Data is acquired from WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, CIA and individual country databases for global health and causes of death. US data is supplemented and verified with CDC, NIH, and individual state and county databases.