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Addiction and Mental Health Indicators Among Ontario Adults, 1977-2011: Highlights from the CAMH Monitor eReport

Creator: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Geography: North America, Canada, Ontario

Categories: Mental Health, Smoking/Drinking/Addictions

Tags: adults, alcohol, marijuana, mental health, smoking, substance use, tobacco use

Date: 1977-2011

URL: Health eBulletin/eBulletins for 2012/ebv13_n4_CM2011_ReportHighlights.pdf


PDF, 4 pages.

“This eBulletin highlights the key findings from the 2011 CAMH Monitor, an Ontario-wide telephone survey of substance use and mental health indicators among 3,039 adults aged 18 and older. Also highlighted are trends in alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use, and mental health based on 26 random surveys conducted during a 35-year period between 1977 and 2011.”