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Mental Comorbidity and its Contribution to Increased Use of Acute Care Hospital Services

Creator: Statistics Canada

Geography: North America, Canada

Categories: Mental Health

Tags: acute care, comorbidity, hospitalization, mental health

Date: 2003-2004



PDF, 30 pages.

“This report represents an assessment of a comprehensive set of factors associated with acute-care hospitalizations for mental conditions in Canada. The first part explores the overall burden of a mental condition as the most responsible condition (the condition considered most responsible for the hospitalization) and as a comorbid condition (a diagnosed condition other than the most responsible for the hospitalization) in acute-care hospitals in Canada. It presents the number of hospitalizations, the number of hospital days and the average length of stay of a hospitalization. In the second part, linked health survey and hospital data are used to describe the socioeconomic and lifestyle factor characteristics of patients who were admitted to an acute-care hospital with a mental condition within four years after responding to the survey.”