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Acute Care Hospital Days and Mental Diagnoses

Creator: Statistics Canada

Geography: North America, Canada

Categories: Healthcare Services, Mental Health

Tags: comorbidity, hospitalization, length of stay, mental health, mental health

Date: 2009-2010



PDF, 7 pages.

“Data from the Discharge Abstract Database of the Canadian Institute for Health Information were used to examine acute care hospital days for patients with a mental condition coded as the most responsible diagnosis or a comorbid diagnosis. In 2009/2010, patients with a mental diagnosis represented 11.8% of people who had been hospitalized and 25.5% of acute hospital days. Those for whom the mental condition was the most responsible diagnosis accounted for 9.0% of hospital days (1.2 million), and those with a comorbid mental diagnosis accountd for 16.5% of hospital days (2.3 million). Mental diagnoses were often associated with physical conditions. The average hospitalization with a mental diagnosis was two and a half times as long as the average for hospitalizations without a mental diagnosis. About one-quarter of hospital days with a mental diagnosis were designated as alternate level of care days.”