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Chronic Disease Infobase Data Cubes

Creator: Public Health Agency of Canada

Geography: North America, Canada

Categories: Chronic Diseases

Tags: alcohol, arthritis, breast cancer, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cervical cancer, chronic diseases, deaths/mortality, demographics/population trends, depression, determinants of health, diabetes, employment, health-adjusted life expectancy (HALE), hospitalization, hypertension, incidence, injuries, length of stay, life expectancy, mammograms, mental health, morbidity, nutrition, obesity, pain, physical activity, prevalence, prevention, respiratory diseases, risk factors, screening, smoking, stress, suicide

Date: 1994-2005



“Data Cubes are interactive databases that quickly allow users to create tables and graphs using their web browser. These online analytical processing cubes, or OLAP cubes, produce output displayed in a table format with a corresponding graph.” Cubes are similar to, but more dynamic than spreadheets. Cube users can “see many dimensions at once by nesting variables under one another.” The Chronic Disease Infobase Data Cubes “contain many different types of Chronic Disease health indicator information.”