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Without Care? Demographics and Health Spending in British Columbia, 1999 to 2040

Creator: Urban Futures

Geography: North America, Canada, British Columbia

Categories: Health Economics/Healthcare Costs

Tags: demographics/population trends

Date: 1999



PDF, 38 pages.

“This report presents a demographics based projection of British Columbia provincial government expenditures on health using its current age specific expenditure patterns. It is a companion report to two reports previously published by The Urban Futures Institute: Healthy Choices: Demographics and Health Spending in Canada, 1980 to 2035 (a projection of health expenditures by sector and type of expenditure in Canada as a whole) and Six and a Quarter Million People: British Columbia’s Population in the Next Three Decades, a trend age and sex specific population projection for the province.

This report builds on its companions to show the impact growth and change of the province’s population will have on provincial government health expenditures over the coming decades assuming there are no changes to the current age specific pattern of expenditure.”