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Atlas of Health in Europe, 2nd edition 2008

Creator: World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe

Geography: Europe

Categories: Multiple Indicators, Population Data

Tags: abortion, accidents, admissions, alcohol, births, breast cancer, caesarean, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cause of death, cervical cancer, deaths/mortality, demographics/population trends, dental health, dentists, diabetes, diphtheria, discharges, health care, health expenditures, health professionals, hepatitis, hospital beds, hospitalization, immunization/vaccination, infant mortality, infectious diseases, injuries, length of stay, life expectancy, low birthweight, maternal mortality, measles, motor vehicles, nurses, obesity, occupational health, oral health, physicians, poisoning, respiratory diseases, smoking, sti/hiv/aids, suicide, syphilis, teen pregnancy, tuberculosis (TB)

Date: 2008



PDF, 126 pages.

“This updated statistical atlas presents key health figures for the WHO European Region. They cover basic data on populations, births, deaths, life expectancy and diseases, lifestyle and environmental indicators, such as drinking, smoking and traffic accidents, and types and levels of health care. Each indicator is presented as a map to show overall regional variations, a bar chart to indicate country rankings, and a time chart to show trends over time in three main country groupings.”