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Health and Health Care use of Registered First Nations People Living in Manitoba: A Population-Based Study.

Creator: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Geography: North America, Canada, Manitoba

Categories: Aboriginal Health

Tags: aboriginal health, ambulatory care facility, ambulatory care visits, breastfeeding, deaths/mortality, determinants of health, diabetes, education, employment, ethnicity, health care services, health care utilization, health indicators, hospitalization, hypertension, immunization/vaccination, income, injuries, length of stay, life expectancy, outpatients, physician visits, potential years of life lost (PYLL), preventive care, screening

Date: 2002



PDF, 203 pages.

“The focus of this report is to give insight to policy makers, decision-makers and planners on health care issues of the Registered First Nations people residing in Manitoba.”

“To ensure that our Registered First Nations information was valid, the Status Verification System (SVS) was linked with health care use data for the years 1994/95 through 1998/99, and then anonymized prior to analysis by MCHP.”

“The use of the SVS file of Manitoba Band members was approved strictly for use within this report only. The Manitoba SVS files are a registry of all Registered First Nations people having band membership with a Manitoba First Nations community. This report only includes those Registered First Nations people who have affiliation with a Manitoba First Nations band and who were living in Manitoba.”