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Alberta Child Health Surveillance Report 2005

Creator: Alberta Health and Wellness

Geography: North America, Canada, Alberta

Categories: Maternal and Child Health

Tags: aboriginal health, alcohol, anxiety, asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), birthweight, cancer, child abuse, child development, child mortality, child obesity, children, chlamydia, congenital anomalies, deaths/mortality, depression, determinants of health, diabetes, emergency department visits, gonorrhea, health care utilization, health indicators, health status, hospitalization, immunization/vaccination, infant mortality, injuries, low birthweight, mental health, pertussis, physical activity, physician visits, smoking, socioeconomics, sti/hiv/aids, teen pregnancy

Date: 2005



PDF, 250 pages - appendices included.

This report presents extensive and current survey information of “the health determinants, health status, and health service utilization of children in Alberta, including, wherever possible information on changes over time, effects of age group, the First Nations subpopulation, and regional differences.”