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Maternal Risk Factors in Relationship to Birth Outcome

Creator: Alberta Health and Wellness

Geography: North America, Canada, Alberta

Categories: Maternal and Child Health, Smoking/Drinking/Addictions

Tags: birthweight, infants, reproductive health, smoking

Date: 1994-1996



PDF, 44 pages.

This report uses information from the Alberta Notice of a Live Birth or a Still Birth and Newborn Record (PNOB), which is completed when an infant is born in the province. All women who delivered an infant, either live or stillborn, in Alberta between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 1996 are included in this report. Information on infant factors include gestational age, type of birth (singleton, twin, triplet), sex, birth weight, and visible birth defects. Information on mothers includes age at time of delivery, parity, gravida, marital status, smoking status during pregnancy, and alcohol consumption during pregnancy.