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Improving the Health of Canadians 2007 - 2009 Report Series

Creator: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Geography: North America, Canada

Categories: Mental Health, Multiple Indicators

Tags: mental health

Date: 2007-2009



“The Improving the Health of Canadians 2007-2009 report series is comprised of three reports on mental health that focus on the determinants of mental health among Canada’s vulnerable populations.

The first report, Improving the Health of Canadians: Mental Health and Homelessness, provides an overview of the latest research, surveys and policy initiatives related to mental health and homelessness and, for the first time, presents data on hospital use by homeless Canadians.

The second report, Improving the Health of Canadians: Mental Health, Delinquency and Criminal Activity, examines the relationships between mental health, mental illness, crime and their various determinants. It explores how these issues are related to each other and what, if any, impact they may have on overall public safety. It also sheds light on what interventions and policies may be effective at promoting mental health, preventing crime and reducing the risk of repeat offending, particularly among those with a mental illness.

The third report, Improving the Health of Canadians: Exploring Positive Mental Health explores the concept of positive mental health by looking at mental health as distinct from mental illness and at positive mental health as a component of overall health and mental health promotion.”