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Giving Birth in Canada

Creator: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Geography: North America, Canada

Categories: Maternal and Child Health

Tags: caesarean, health care costs

Date: 2001-



Giving Birth in Canada is a series of reports on the health and health care of Canada’s mothers and infants. The first report, Giving Birth in Canada: Providers of Maternity and Infant Care, focuses on trends in birthing and maternity and infant care, and examines the changing scope of practice for care providers. The second report, Giving Birth in Canada: A Regional Profile, highlights selected health care and health status indicators for Canada’s mothers and infants - such as the use of epidurals, assisted deliveries and women having Caesarean sections for the first time - and presents new data at the regional level (for regions with populations of 75,000 or more) and at the provincial/territorial level. The third report, Giving Birth in Canada: The Costs, explores the costs associated with delivering maternity and infant care in Canada, including provincial, national and international comparisons. Costs associated with treating infertility, prenatal visits, delivery and neonatal care are examined. Where available, the report also presents data on the potential cost implications of the trends identified in the two preceding reports in the series.”