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Statistical Report on the Health of Canadians

Creator: Statistics Canada

Geography: North America, Canada

Categories: Social Determinants of Health

Tags: abortion, air quality, alcohol, births, blood pressure, breastfeeding, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, caregiver burden, child development, chronic diseases, congenital anomalies, deaths/mortality, depression, education, emergency department visits, employment, ethnicity, fertility, health behaviours, health care costs, health care services, health expenditures, health indicators, health status, home care, hospital care, hospitalization, immunization/vaccination, income, infant mortality, infectious diseases, injuries, low birthweight, mammograms, mental health, motor vehicles, nutrition, organ donation, physical activity, physician visits, potential years of life lost (PYLL), prescription drugs, screening, sexual health, smoking, socioeconomics, sti/hiv/aids, stillbirths, stress, stroke, substance use, suicide, teen pregnancy, tobacco use, violence/abuse

Date: 1999



This report “provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical overview of the health status of Canadians and the major determinants of that status.” The data included “identify populations at risk; suggest associations between health determinants, health status, and population characteristics; raise questions about the reasons for the widespread differences among the provinces and territories; and illustrate areas where Canada’s health information system is robust, and others where it is relatively weak.”