Health Economics Educational Workshop

About the Health Economics Educational Workshop

23 November 2018 | 30 November 2018
Calgary, Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta

On November 23rd in Calgary and November 30th in Edmonton, the Institute of Health Economics (IHE) hosted an educational workshop designed to support both early and late stage organizations in developing an understanding of when, where, and how health economics can be used to strengthen product and business planning, and satisfy requirements of purchasers of technology. Participants learned how health economics and early stage technology assessment can support research and development planning, raise capital, and help communicate value propositions more clearly and effectively to payers.

This interactive, full day session, provided without charge to Alberta companies, used a case-based approach to highlight how those that pay for products make purchase decisions (in Alberta and other major global markets), and to demonstrate how health economics can be used to improve commercialization success for both early and later stage companies.

Additional Information

Attendees of this workshop received a certificate of professional development from the IHE.

For more information about this educational workshop please contact us at [email protected].

This event was provided through the financial support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.