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Stroke Update 2014

Stroke Prevention and Management in Primary Care: a free forum at the Accelerating Primary Care Conference

23 November 2014
Edmonton, Alberta

This free forum for primary care clinicians was held in conjunction with the annual Accelerating Primary Care conference in Edmonton, Alberta, November 23, 2014. The forum saw three physician leaders review the latest developments in the continuously advancing field of stroke prevention and care, with a particular focus on the role of primary care.

The forum was organised by the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) and the Institute of Health Economics. The forum was sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada), with support from Bayer.

Stroke Update 2014: Stroke Prevention and Management in Primary Care - Final Program

  • Ken Butcher, MD, PhD, FRCP(C), WMC Health Sciences Centre, University of Alberta

    Ken Butcher profile picDetection and Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: What’s new in prevention and how to choose what’s best for my patient.
    In this 45 minute presentation, Dr. Butcher reviewed how to diagnose stroke and discussed the burden of Cardioembolic and Cryptogenic Stroke. He talked about the recent advances in the treatment and prevention of Atrial Fibrillation and Cardioembolic Stroke, including discussion on the new oral anticoagulants.
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  • Thomas Jeerakathil, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FABN, Associate Professor, University of Alberta; Co-physician lead, ASPIRE TIA Triaging Project, Northern Stroke Lead CV/S SCN

    Thomas Jeerkathil profile picTIA Recognition and Management: Early triage risk stratification and treatment
    This presentation looked at the diagnosis of likely TIA syndromes and how to identify and manage the high risk TIA patient urgently. Dr. Jeerakathil also explained the mechanism for physicians to access rapid care for TIA.
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  • Blair J. O’Neill, MD, FRCP(C), FACC, Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta; Interventional Cardiologist, Mazankowski AHI; Senior Medical Director, CV Health and Stroke SCN, Alberta Health Services; Past President, Canadian Cardiovascular Society

    Blair O'Neill profile picAligning health care policy with evidence-based medicine: When guidelines and policy conflict, what’s a doc to do?
    Having just completed his National role on the Executive of the Canadian Cardio-Vascular Society, Dr. O’Neill discussed some of the obstacles to the implementation of evidenced based medicine in the Canadian Health Care System, based on a paper he co-authored for the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.
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    An update on Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical Network: Aligning with Primary Care.
    This presentation provided an update on the Strategic Care Networks (SCN) particularly the Cardiovascular Health and Stroke SCN. Dr. O'Neill commented on the importance of the Primary Care Strategic Network which is due to be launched in 2015, as Primary Care is fundamental in binding patient care with all the spe- cialty SCNs. He discussed the ideas behind the work of the SCNs and some of the projects which overlap with Primary Care.
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