About the SCN / Innovative Medicines Canada Workshop

24 January 2017
Edmonton, Alberta

This event was a first meeting of the SCNs and the Canadian innovative pharmaceutical industry (Innovative Medicines Canada and members). The event was held in Edmonton on January 24, 2017 and was hosted by Alberta Innovates, in partnership with Alberta Health Services/SCNs, Innovative Medicines Canada, and the Institute of Health Economics.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. Establish relationships.
  2. Share the structure, mandate and goals/objectives of each organization.
  3. Develop a high-level understanding of areas of priority, common interest and collaboration opportunity.
  4. Develop a foundation and vision for partnership/collaboration.
  5. Begin to identify a process to manage the engagement going forward and next steps.

The format for the event was a presentation from Alberta Health Services and from Innovative Medicines Canada, followed by two separate one hour open exchange roundtable discussions between SCNs and Innovative Medicine Canada member companies.

Download Summary Report
Partnering for a Healthier Alberta – Summary Report from SCN/Innovative Medicines Canada Engagement Held January 24th, 2017