Real World Evidence: Priority Setting for Action

About the Real World Evidence Roundtable

2 November 2014
Toronto, Ontario

In April 2014, we held the first roundtable discussion on the current and future role of real world evidence (RWE) in Canada, bringing together multiple stakeholders from across Canada and internationally. Workshop participants felt there was much more to explore in future discussion and a specific need was identified to focus part of future conversations on practical steps to implementing RWE in Canada.

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Roundtable on Real World Evidence: System Readiness – Are we ready to use routinely collected data to improve health system performance? Summary Report

Real World Evidence: Priority Setting for Action was an invitational roundtable discussion organized by the Institute of Health Economics (IHE) and supported by and developed in partnership with Strategy for Patient Oriented Research Support Unit (Ontario) and AstraZeneca Canada. It was held in conjunction with the annual Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics (CAPT). The discussion was a follow up to the earlier roundtable in April 2014 and included National leaders in the use of observational data to improve health system performance.

The objectives of this roundtable were to:

  1. Identify situations where and when real-world evidence can be most impactful to health care policymakers in monitoring patient outcomes and health system performance.
  2. Articulate questions or guiding principles that can be leveraged by existing real-world data programs and processes and will accelerate their capabilities and effectiveness.
  3. Discuss critical factors for building RWE capabilities in Canada for improving the use of real-world evidence such as data success, linkage and public perception of risk.

The session was conducted using Chatham House rules. Participants agreed not to report comments attributed to specific individuals.

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