Mental Health and Addictions in the Workplace

About the Mental Health and Addictions in the Workplace Symposium

18 July 2010
Calgary, Alberta

In order to better understand Mental Health & Addictions in the Workplace, the PNWER Health Care Working Group hosted a half day session in conjunction with the annual PNWER summit. This session brought together key policy experts, decision makers, clinicians, and business leaders, and provided the opportunity for dialogue around this issue.

Mental health and psychological health and safety issues affecting the workplace generally include a wide range of problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. Many kinds of addictions also can impact the workplace, including substance-based problems of abuse of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications and behavior-based addictions involving gambling, sex, food, work and other areas. All combined, these concerns affect about 1 in 3 adults over their lifetime and about 1 in 10 workers or their family members each year.

Attendees were provided a Resource Guide and a smaller Information Bulletin. To access further information on the PNWER Health Care Working Group, please visit the website:  PNWER: Pacific NorthWest Economic Region

Support for this session has been provided by the Norlien Foundation, the Institute of Health Economics, Eli Lilly, Merck, and the PNWER.