Igniting innovation and thinking through implementation with Normalization Process Theory Workshop

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About the Normalization Process Theory Workshop

3 - 4 September 2019
Edmonton, Alberta

Implementation Science is a new and exciting discipline that looks for answers to some of the most difficult problems that we face: how to get new and improved evidence-based ways of delivering and organising healthcare into practice, and how to keep them there. At the same time, implementation scientists have worked to develop frameworks that will help us understand, organise and evaluate the processes of implementing innovations and evidence. Dr. Carl May and Dr. Tracy Finch have been part of this international effort. They have led an international collaborative group that has conceived and developed Normalization Process Theory (NPT).

Purpose of the workshop

This workshop provided participants with a solid grounding in Normalization Process Theory (NPT), and an understanding of how to apply it to practical problems in implementation. NPT provides tools for understanding the implementation, embedding, and integration of new practices. It focuses on the things that people do rather than their attitudes or intentions, and it emphasizes the collaborative nature of implementation work. Through groupwork, participants learned about NPT-based tools for designing and developing implementation projects. They had an opportunity to develop and refine plans for implementing and evaluating their own projects, with input from fellow participants and workshop facilitators.

Normalization Process Theory is “a sociological toolkit that can be used to understand the dynamics of implementing, embedding, and integrating some new technology or complex intervention.”1

Preparation required

Participants were asked to prepare a conference-style poster that outlines an implementation project they are planning or currently working on. It covered objective, description of the intervention(s), method of delivery, and method of evaluation. This may have been a team poster, where multiple participants were involved in a collaborative project.

  1. May C, Rapley T, Mair FS, Treweek S, Murray E, Ballini L, et al. Normalization Process Theory on-line users’ manual, toolkit and NoMAD instrument. NPT; 2015. Available from: http://www.normalizationprocess.org.

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