Health Care in Canada Survey

About the Health Care in Canada Survey Roundtable

November 17, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario

A small group of stakeholders convened on November 17, 2011 in Ottawa to discuss plans to re-launch the Health Care in Canada survey in 2012. The Health Care in Canada (HCiC) survey was conducted annually from 1998-2007 and remains the most comprehensive annual survey of Canadian public and health care providers' opinions on health care. POLLARA Research conducted the survey under the aegis of the Health Care in Canada (HCiC) partnership, and Merck provided the funding. In 2012, with Merck providing seed funding, the partnership is re-launching the survey. The Institute of Health Economics organized the November 17 roundtable, with funding from Merck and in-kind support from the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. The roundtable served as an initial gathering of the original partners and invited delegates to further develop the HCiC partnership and begin planning the 2012 survey.

Download Final Report 
Public Opinion in Health Care – Final Report of the Health Care in Canada Invitational Roundtable

This report will be used to inform subsequent meetings with the expanded HCiC partnership in early 2012.

For further information contact John Sproule, Senior Policy Director, Institute of Health Economics (IHE) – [email protected].