About the Depression in Adults Consensus Development Conference

15 – 17 October 2008
Calgary, Alberta

The Institute of Health Economics (IHE), in collaboration with the Alberta Depression Initiative Project, Alberta Health and Wellness, the Alberta Mental Health Board and the Mental Health Commission of Canada organized a Consensus development conference on Depression in Adults: How to Improve Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment in Calgary, Alberta in October 2008. The main objective of the conference was the transfer of knowledge in the field to a broad audience subsequently impacting on health policy and practice.

Download Consensus Statement | Télécharger la déclaration de consensus

The Consensus Development Conference (CDC) model, a unique and compelling "jury trial" format, was used to examine the following questions:

  1. What is depression and how common is it?
  2. What are the effects of depression for the individual, family, and society?
  3. What are the risk factors for depression, and how can prevention of these be improved?
  4. What are the most appropriate ways for diagnosing depression?
  5. What are current treatments for depression and what evidence is available for their safety and effectiveness?
  6. What are the obstacles to effective management of depression and strategies to overcome them?
  7. What further research is needed in the field?

The Honourable Michael Kirby (Chair, Mental Health Commission of Canada) led a distinguished jury of citizens and experts to develop practical recommendations on how to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders in adults. Expert Panel Chair, Dr. Scott Patten (Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary) led a panel of experts in presenting available evidence on depression in adults.

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