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Combination Regimens: Reimbursement Challenges and Solutions – IHE Webinar

The Institute for Health Economics (IHE) presented a webinar on September 21, 2023, sharing an overview of a recent report: “Combination Regimens: Reimbursement Challenges and Solutions: Research Report and National Roundtable”.

Combination therapy is the use of two or more therapies with the intention of improving patient health which are increasingly becoming more prevalent in the health system. The Institute of Health Economics conducted a workshop in 2022 to examine a path forward to create a made-in-Canada approach and outlined some foundational activities required to be prepared to address this issue. The work included some background research and an invitational forum with public and private sector partners supported by and developed in partnership with Pfizer Canada ULC, Amgen Canada Inc., GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (GSK Canada), AbbVie Corporation , J&J/Janssen. Links to presentation materials are below:

Full Report:
Video of webinar:
Power point from Webinar: Link


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