The Use and Benefits of Teleoncology

Teleoncology: Applications and associated benefits for the adult population.

This report determines the current state of evidence on teleoncology applications to improve access to care closer to home for rural patients and families affected by a diagnosis of cancer. It follows an earlier report by Marie-Josée Paquin prepared as part of her participation in the SEARCH Classic program. That report was intended to assist the Alberta Cancer Board in the development of its telehealth initiative.

The Use and Benefit of Teleoncology was developed to facilitate the dissemination of the earlier report to other cancer agencies and organizations and individuals with an interest in the provision of services to adult patients and their families in rural and remote settings. The analysis of findings in the earlier report was extended and some additional material included.

This report includes two key parts:

  • Findings from the assessment of quality of selected clinical, economic, and satisfaction studies and the associated benefits for adult patients and their families affected by a diagnosis of cancer.
  • An overview of teleoncology applications that have been used in Canada and other countries between 1995 and 2005.

Publication Type: Health Topic Overviews / Scoping Reviews

Year of Publication: 2007

Topics: Cancer, Telehealth

Authors: David Hailey, Marie-Josée Paquin, Olga Maciejewski, Linda Harris, Ann Casebeer, Gordon Fick, Patti Taschuk, Anthony Fields

ISBN (print): 978-1-897443-01-9

ISBN (online): 978-1-897443-18-7