Surgical Treatments for Deep Venous Incompetence

Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) HTA Report #32.

The aim of this report was to critically appraise and synthesise the published evidence regarding the short- and long-term efficacy/effectiveness of surgical techniques for patients with deep venous incompetence, and attendant skin changes/ulceration, that is refractory to standard care.

Information Specialist: Leigh-Ann Topfer

NOTE: In 2006 the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research HTA unit moved to IHE. Documents produced in and prior to 2006 have different formats; the format was determined by the agency for which the document was produced.

Publication Type: Health Technology Assessments /
Systematic Reviews

Year of Publication: 2003

Topics: Therapy

Authors: Ann Scott, Paula Corabian

ISBN (print): 1-896956-61-0

ISBN (online): 1-896956-63-7

ISSN: 1704-1090

ISSN (online): 1704-1104