Standard Quality Assessment Criteria for Evaluating Primary Research Papers from a Variety of Fields

Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) HTA Initiative #13.

Appraising the quality of evidence is an important, yet difficult task, complicated by the consideration of disparate evidence. Quality checklists for assessing RCTs abound, yet it is acknowledged that even within this single study the reliability, validity, feasibility and utility of the various tools are either unmeasured or quite variable.

Given the lack of a standard, empirically grounded quality assessment tool suitable for use with a variety of study designs, we developed and implemented two scoring systems to evaluate the quality of the studies potentially eligible for inclusion in our review: one for quantitative research reports, and one for qualitative research reports.

NOTE: In 2006 the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research HTA unit moved to IHE. Documents produced in and prior to 2006 have different formats; the format was determined by the agency for which the document was produced.

Publication Type: Methodology Papers

Year of Publication: 2004

Topics: Other

Authors: Leanne Kmet, Robert Lee, Linda Cook

ISBN (print): 1-896956-77-7

ISBN (online): 1-896956-79-3

ISSN: 1706-7855