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Real World Evidence - What role can it play in real world decision making? Backgrounder

On December 12th, 2016, the Institute of Health Economics (IHE) held a roundtable discussion regarding the role of real-world evidence (RWE) in decision-making in Canada, with a focus on RWE generated for pricing and reimbursement.

The meeting brought together 11 representatives of key stakeholders: experts in evidence assessment, payers, and those generating RWE including academia and industry. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss preferences and perceptions of the use of RWE for pricing and reimbursement of new medicines in Canada and what more may be needed to ensure its optimal use. This roundtable served as a forum to identify key points of discussion and highlights gaps and opportunities for further discussion in the future with a broader group of stakeholders. The proposed actions and next steps in this document are not a consensus recommendation by roundtable participants, but should be considered an accurate reflection of the discussion.

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Year of Publication: 2016