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Optimizing the Use of Low Back Pain and Spine Condition-Related Interventions and Procedures

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common forms of musculoskeletal pain in mid-age adults, with episodic and recurrent pain that can span over the entire life. LBP is a major public health problem worldwide because of its prevalence, associated temporary or permanent disability, and the extensive use of healthcare services by patients. This report aims to identify the appropriate/inappropriate treatment interventions used for LBP/spine-related conditions and to determine what are effective strategies for bringing about changes in clinical practice in order to deliver optimal quality care to patients.

Publication Type: Health Technology Assessments /
Systematic Reviews

Year of Publication: 2022

Topics: Epidural Steroid Injection, Low-back pain, Lumbar Spinal Fusion, Radiofrequency Ablation

Authors: Carmen Moga, Mohammad Karkhaneh, Dagmara Chojecki, Bing Guo, Erin Kirwin, Negar Razavilar, Jeff Round, Erica Wright, Charles Yan

ISBN (online): ISBN 978-1-989429-08-2