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Heart Valve Disease in Canada: Recommended Components for a National Strategy

This report is the result of a national consultation and roundtable deliberations conducted by the Institute of Health Economics to support the development of a National Strategy for Heart Valve Disease in Canada. Two virtual policy engagements with clinical leaders, patients and health system managers were conducted in November 2021. These workshops identified 9 thematic areas and developed associated recommendations for action under each theme. The incidence of heart valve disease (HVD) is markedly increasing with the aging of the population and should be considered as the next epidemic affecting millions of people worldwide. Heart valve conditions are serious conditions and can be fatal if left untreated but are eminently and increasingly treatable especially if detected early. Innovation in treatments as well as detection and management to addressing gap in care are an urgent priority. (The main report is below – and related appendices can be found here: link: Heart Valve Disease Supplementary Material )

Publication Type: IHE Roundtable Report

Year of Publication: 2022

Topics: Health Policy, Heart Disease, Innovation, Prevention

Authors: John Sproule, Ken Bond, Lindsey Warkentin, Bing Guo, Nancy Zuck