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For Which Strategies of Suicide Prevention is there Evidence of Effectiveness – WHO Health Evidence Network Synthesis Report

For which strategies of suicide prevention is there evidence of effectiveness?

This report aims to synthesize research findings from existing systematic reviews to address two questions:

  • What types of preventive interventions have been evaluated in the published literature?
  • Which strategies have good-quality evidence to support them?

Limited evidence - as well as variability by population characteristics, social, cultural, and socioeconomic situation - suggests that a combination of preventive approaches, addressing different risk factors at different levels, is required. In addition, an evaluation framework should accompany the implementation of any new intervention.

Publication Type: Overview of Systematic Reviews

Year of Publication: 2012

Topics: Healthcare Services, Mental Health, Prevention

Authors: Ann Scott, Bing Guo

ISSN (online): 2227-4316

Publisher: World Health Organization