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Economics of Childhood Immunizations in Canada: Data Book

This booklet is a compendium of existing statistics related to the economic aspect of childhood immunizations in Canada. It brings together, in one document, data obtained from a wide range of sources. It covers topics related to the economic and epidemiological burden of childhood diseases, resources used, and system performance from provincial, national, and international viewpoints.

Publication Type: Statistics Handbooks

Year of Publication: 2007

Topics: Health Economics / Healthcare Costs, Infectious Diseases, Maternal and Child Health, Prevention

Authors: Philip Jacobs, Rita Yim, Arto Ohinmaa, Janice Varney, Anita Hanrahan, Joy Loewen, Laura Mashinter, Bev Baptiste, Margaret Russell

ISBN (print): 978-1-926929-31-6

ISBN (online): 978-1-926929-32-3