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Creating a multidisciplinary low back pain guideline: anatomy of a guideline adaptation process.


Rationale, Aims, and Objectives: A collaborative, multidisciplinary guideline adaptation process was developed to construct a single overarching, evidence-based clinical practice guideline (CPG) for all primary care practitioners responsible for the management of low back pain (LBP) to curb the use of ineffective treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Note: This is an Alberta Ambassador Guideline Adaptation Program related publication.

Publication Type: Journal Articles

Year of Publication: 2011

Topics: Chronic Diseases / Disorders, Therapy

Authors: Christa Harstall, Paul Taenzer, Donna Angus, Carmen Moga, Ann Scott, Tara Schuller

ISSN (online): 1365-2753

Journal Title: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Volume: 17

Issue: 4

Pages: 693-704