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Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Oncotype DX and Prosigna genetic testing in early-stage breast cancer

The clinical review and economic evaluation aimed to determine how Oncotype DX and Prosigna can be optimally used to determine which patients with early-stage breast cancer will benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy. This report addresses the following research question: For patients with early-stage (I–III), ER+, HER2?, node-negative or node-positive (one to three nodes) breast cancer, what are the clinical and economic benefits of Oncotype DX and Prosigna genetic testing, and how do these differ by node status, risk status, age, and menopausal status?

Publication Type: Health Technology Assessments /
Systematic Reviews

Year of Publication: 2019

Topics: Cancer, Economic Evaluation, Genetic Testing, Health Technology Assessment

Authors: Michelle Pollock, Ann Scott, Jennifer Seida, Paula Corabian, Andrew J. Sutton, Mike Paulden, Christopher McCabe, Lisa Tjosvold, Bing Guo

ISSN (online): 978-1-989429-13-6